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Team GK Facebook Profile Frame_circle_add to your own image

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Digital Facebook Profile Circle Frame

Transparent Frame to add to your own image

This is a FREE digital item. In order to retrieve the file, you must complete the checkout process and the link will be provide immediately after 'purchase'.  Watermark will be omitted on the digital download.


* Daughter * Sister * Wife * Mother * Grandmother * Friend *

 Many people likely know someone who has been diagnosed with or who has had cancer. You may even be living with this condition. Stomach cancer is one variation of cancer that can occur quietly and quickly, and often isn’t detected until it’s in the later stages. 

Our mother, Kaye, was recently diagnosed with an aggressive stomach cancer.   To all of her grandchildren and even their friends, she is known as GK (Grandma Kaye), hence "TEAM GK".  She is a woman with a deep love of her family and a passion for cars.  Before this disease & treatments began consuming her daily life, you could most likely find her enjoying her free time at carshows. With love, care & most importantly, prayers, we are going to get her back to enjoying what she loves!

In an effort to raise awareness of this frequently silent disease and to show our support for our mom, we have made available some T-Shirts, Bracelets and Digital Profile Frames.  Show your support for GK with items from the TEAM GK Collection

November has been denoted as Stomach Cancer Awareness Month.